FPP tomorrow - how is Disney's site?

I know that the site has been very glitch for a while now & that a couple of days ago people couldn’t get FPPs in the morning.
Has it been better the last couple of days?
I am stressing - of course.
I also don’t understand how they are still having so many issues with the site.
I have dining reservations that I canceled that are still showing, one I modified that is not showing the new info & a room only reservation that I canceled that is still there.
I have the emails confirming my changes and called Disney where they also confirmed my changes, but it does still bug me :slight_smile:
I have also had to sign in, then sign out, then back in again - or when I try and do anything I get Stitch.

Are you using a Mac by chance? I only have Apple products and found that safari wasn’t working well with my MDE account. I switched over to Firefox and had much better success.

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Other than having to always sign back in on my pc, everything has been pretty smooth for me. I made my FPs 19 days ago and it was glitch free. I have 3 tweaks I’ve been trying to make (did get to bump my ADR 5 minutes earlier today, so getting there). I’m on several times a day trying to see if I can move a 7DMT earlier and swap some TSL stuff around and it has been working well, just not finding what I want.

Have you tried clearing your cache? I was having a lot of problems, too, and after that it’s been better. Not perfect, but much better.

I made my FPs two days ago and had zero issues. The day before however, I was checking availability on everything I was booking to help decide which order to do it in (I do this 5-6 times before the actual FP date) and had so many issues with the site that I gave up in the end. Hope it works out ok for you and that you get everything you want. :slight_smile:

The site has been problematic for me on occasion. I find opening the google web browser ‘incognito’ helps.

Well - it was VERY glitchy, but I got everything that I wanted and at almost the exact time that I wanted.
I got SDD - but at 12:35 on my 60+5 day. I was planning on leaving the park around then, but it was the earliest that I could get.
Frustrating, because there was something at 12 but by the time I reloaded on multiple pages, this was what they had.
I am glad that I got something at least early in the afternoon and I will continue to try and modify to get it earlier. :slight_smile:

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Great stuff - like you say, just keep Modifying and there is every chance you’ll get a better time. :+1:

We only have Macs. Thanks for the tip. I remeber I had issues last year, I wonder if that was why. I think I ended up having to do them on my iPad bc it was just not working on my computer. It was so stressful.

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Had our FPP day today. Could have got FOP on 60+1, but only late afternoon. Opted for NRJ late morning instead so we can hop in the afternoon. FOP 60+4 at noon and 60+8 at 930am. SDD was tougher. None on 60+2, noon on 60+5 was earliest. Didn’t try any later than that.

SDD was my 60+5 too :slight_smile: I got 12:30 - and FOP on 60+1 in the evening, which is what I wanted. Got FOP on 60+6 for 10, which works for my plan too.

We seem to be going to a lot of the same parks on the same days LOL

ajcraw102 Yeah, I noticed what you typed after I wrote my morning’s results—Sorry I got that 12:00 one from you on 60+5. I’m sure that’s why it disappeared on you. Glad you got one not too much later. All in all I was pleased. Not the horror show they had on Tuesday!

So glad y’all had a smoother experience getting your FP’s. Sounds like you secured some great ones too!!