FPP Timing Question

Good Morning! I'm working on my list of rides I would like to get FPP for. I would like to get as much done as possible early in the morning so the I can book 4th FPP as early in the day as possible. However, I'm was wondering can FPP times overlap? Say I get Soaring from 9:45-10:45. Can I get Character Spot from 10:15-11:15 still? Or would it have to be after 10:45? TIA!

You would have to book it from 10.45, but once in park and subject to availability, once you've used soarin FPP you could try and move your other one to earlier.

No, FPP times cannot overlap. In the case you mention, you might be better off booking something in the 9-10 window, then you'll be done with all of your original Fastpasses before 11:00. I believe that as soon as you've used your last FPP you can start booking more at the kiosk.

My experience (was just at WDW two weeks ago) is that having a FPP between 9 and 10 AM is a waste of one. Most rides were a walk-on at most parks in that first hour, and the FPP would have saved us no time. In fact we wasted one on Dinosaur at AK at 9:30AM... posted wait was 10 min so we used it anyway, but once we got in there was NO line for STBY... had we known that we would have ridden STBY and changed our FPP to Everest.

At MK, even through early evening hours we were able to get additional FPP's for Buzz, POTC, TSPDW, Pooh, HM, Aladdin's Carpets, etc. one after the other. One day we even could get a later Space or BTRR as late as 7PM. Ariel's Undersea Adv NEVER needed one, and was walk-on numerous times when we went on it. By getting a FPP, using it, and then going right back to the kiosks to get another, we never waited standby in the late afternoon/evening. I never understood why so many people were waiting in a 40min line for Buzz when right next to it was a kiosk handing out FPP's like candy!

As a side note, the least crowded FPP kiosks in MK were the ones next to Buzz and also the ones next to Stitch in Tomorrowland. The Fantasyland ones always had long lines.

Thanks for the advice! I'm so undecided on what to pick and when.

I agree that the early morning one is unnecessary. The reality is that you are unlikely to get a fourth FP for popular attractions at the tiered parks even as early as 11am, and even at AK, getting an Everest or KRR did not look easy by mid-morning. The signs said "very limited availability" which probably meant late return times and only for small parties. I never tried to book a fourth anywhere but MK, where the system works the best, probably due to the number of rides.