FPP time still 7AM EST?

Friend was told by a friend that it was now midnight. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but knew you’d all know!

It used to be midnight years ago, it’s 7am EST now.

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Apparently a game of telephone that started years ago …

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Midnight to 7:00 AM is now used for maintenance sweeps and adding additional bugs into the system.



FYI also the Unofficial Guide lists FPP time as 6am but I did contact them and they are fixing it for future printings! Get that extra hour of sleep!


Is it 7am for ADRs at 180 days too?

Is 7 hours enough time?

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It was difficult at first, but now that they have built up a library they can easily roll some out and roll in replacements in 7 hours, “Testing?? We don’t need no testing”.


I think it is 6 am (Eastern time) at 180 days to book ADRs.

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6am EST online, 7am on the phone.

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