FPP tiers when park hopping

Hi all. We are headed to WDW in August. We are planning to go to HS in the AM, then hopping to Epcot. This will be our second day for each park so I’m hoping to split our fast passes as I assume we won’t get SDD our first HS day. I’m trying for a SDD in the AM (will be 60+5) and after I tap in I’m hoping to grab a Soarin, which I think should be possible. After this, do I need to do 2 tier 2s at Epcot before trying for another tier 1 or just one tier 2 (as that would put me at my initial 3 FPP)? If I have to get 2 tier 2s, would it be better to grab all 3 at HS, but not use the first 2? Will they drop off the app if I don’t tap in, but count as used, therefore allowing me to grab anything I can after? Thanks for the help!

I think I’m understanding you correctly that you are hoping to FPP in the same day for your initial 3 FPP. SDD and Soarin and one other FPP. If that is the question you are asking then the answer that unfortunately you can’t do this. You can’t split up the initial 3 fast passes for a day between parks. You have to schedule all three FPP in one park. Once you use those three FPP you can then book more in a different park on the day you are there.

I believe that if you switch parks, the tiers don’t apply anymore. So you can get your SDD FP, then Soarin once you tap into SDD. Once you tap into Soarin you should be eligible for another Tier 1 in Epcot.

The tiers only apply to the initial three in the same park. If you only reserve one in your first park then tiers don’t apply to the second park.


This was my understanding as well. As long as you’re hopping and doing same-day, you can get anything.

Confirming @mikejs78 and @ApolloAndy are correct.

Once you park hop you can do tier 1 after tier 1 indefinitely, depending on availability.

@bentshop72, you are correct in that you can only pre-book FPs in one park. But you don’t have to pre-book three. If you only book one (or two), you have your remaining two (or one) that can be made on the day, as soon as you tap into your first FP. In this case, you do not have to follow tier rules. This only works for park hopping; if you are staying in a park you must follow the tier rules.

Don’t forget also you can cancel existing FPs in order to park hop in the same way, if you change your mind. You must cancel though, not modify!


Wondering if you can do what I recently heard on a podcast where you keep the existing FPP for the park you are in but go in to MDE and book another by startingbfrom scratch -‘choosing the different park, selecting what you want and then canceling your existing one when you get the notification while confirming the new one.

That would prevent dropping a pass in a situation where you are trying to weigh your options.


That works too! Should have said that, as that’s the only way you can check availability in another park with FPs still on MDE. So it is the best way to do things.

As long as you wait until you’ve actually finished the attraction / ride you do want to do first. Not just tapped in, in case you are asked to tap in again at the front of the line! Can you imagine getting to the front of the line for FoP only to find your FP had been cancelled 5 minutes earlier? :sob:

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Glad to hear that, and yes that would be tragic!

July is my first time with PH tickets so glad to know what I’ve heard actually works in practice.

Thanks everyone. This is our first time with hoppers, so just trying to make sure I know what I’m doing. Haha.