FPP this Sat & 2/4 Magic bands not showing?

Hi all!

My FPP selection date is this Saturday but when I go online it states that I have 4 magic bands but it only shows 2 members of my family listed and their color choices. Is this going to mess up my FPP selection? I can’t confirm with Reservations because they are only fielding phone calls for people checking in through Sept 18th because of Irma. Just want to make sure all systems are a go before Saturday :confused:

Seeing their magic bands isn’t important.

Have you got everyone listed as family and friends? Have they all got a ticket assigned to them? If yes and yes, then you’re good to go.

I think the magic bands thing is to do with MDE accounts; if anyone has their own account they can see their own band. You can see people that you manage, i.e. who doesn’t have their own account.

Ok thanks. Yeah the magic band thing is odd since it’s the two children that aren’t showing up but I can work on that later, right now it’s FPP!

Could it be that someone else is managing their account? Who created their profiles on MDE?

Anyway, as you say, make fps first, then sort out the bands!