FPP this morning: glass half empty disappointment and glass half full success

So this morning my group was disappointed in our quest for a SDD fastpass. We were looking to go on day 61 or 62. There is nothing available on day 60 or 61, and day 62 only has slots in the late afternoon or evening for a party of 1. This doesn’t help our party of 15 much! I assume this is directly related to some people having their window open early. We have TSMM and AS2 instead, and I know to keep checking to modify, and I know about same day drops, and rope drop and standy by line right before park close. None of that really changes the disappointment of hearing others make their FPP and our not being able to even though we are paying that same extra money to stay onsite.

I also had a problem with my parents’ tickets not opening at 7am with the rest of ours, so I had to get their FP an hour later when theirs finally opened. This meant I couldn’t get their 9am FPP right at 9, instead it’s at 9:35, which means they can’t join us on our 10:30 FPP (it’s for a show, so I may go to guest services when we arrive at the park or beg the CM at the FPP show entrance). Anyway, what was interesting about this was those that I had no problem with had old tickets from UT-my family of 6 plus my in-laws, while my parents’ were date-specific. My cousin, who also had date-specific tickets, could make her own just fine but I couldn’t add her to my party in the same way I couldn’t add my parents. My parents are currently on the west coast so I couldn’t just call them up to see if they could make their own at 7am (4am their time, they would not have been pleased!) I’m not sure if I’m being clear about this, but I thought it was interesting. The new vs old tickets seems to have whacked out the FP system a bit. :roll_eyes:

All that aside, we got FOP easily (9 of us at 7pm on day 63), my cousin got 7DMT just fine at noon for 5 people on day 62, we got PP, WtP, Splash, Space, BTMRR, AS2, TSMM, FEA. Not sure if anyone else with a large group would benefit from any other specifics, if so let me know!

SDD wouldn’t normally be open reliably until 60+3 or 4 so I don’t think it’s anything to do with FP windows opening early, though I’m sure it’s frustrating.


I am hoping I will be able to SDD at 60+3 this fall, but I realize it’s probably toss-up as to whether I will get it or not. I would have been surprised it you were successful in getting SDD at 60+1 or 60+2. It is unfortunate though and I am sorry you are disappointed.

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yea…sorry for your disappointment; hoping the modify trick gets you what you want. Last September (2018) I could not get SDD at 60 plus 5, but hearing these days 60 plus 3 is doable

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It sounds like you were able to get a lot of your FP’s…sorry you couldn’t secure SDD. I am one whose FP’s opened up 2 days early and I did grab the opportunity to book mine (so sorry if that had a negative impact on your booking this morning). :frowning: I will say, I was able to get SDD for 60+2 and there were a lot of open slots. I was only booking for 2 people instead of 15, so I am sure that helped some - just keep modifying. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get some pixie dust!!!

I have the date specific tickets and couldn’t get through until after 8. It kept giving me error messages! I grabbed what I could a couple of times, but they weren’t my first choice on times. Have been able to modify as the day has gone on however.

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Got all mine last Saturday with no issues and added Another FOP and SDD Today four days later

My issue is that the website and apps keep crashing. I’ve kept a print record of mine as two weeks ago I lost all my ADRs. I don’t have much faith in the IT system at Disney

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Update: today, Friday (FPP day was Monday 5 days ago) I was able to change 3 of our TSMM FPP at 6:35pm to SDD at 7:25pm. This is on our 2nd day in the parks, so 57 days from now. Only need 12 more SDD FPPs!


Another update: recently picked up 2 more and then another 1, so we now have 6. 31 days til our DHS day. Would love 5 more, even better would be 4 more after that, so we’ll keep trying!