FPP Suggestions for MK 6/4

Getting ready to make selections soon for FPP. Here are our priorities for MK.

Spa Mt
Spl Mt

We have 8:30 BOG breakfast so we will be in the park ready to go around 9. Was wondering if we could ride Spa Mt right away at 9, then have FPP for 7DMT and PP, then maybe BTM??
Thoughts on how to fit some of this in is appreciated!!

That should work. But I would rope drop BTM, Spl Mt, PoC, and HM. Then FPP 7DMT, PP, and Spa Mt. You may have to wait a bit for ETWB, but that doesn’t seem too crowded these days.

You should be able to get a 4th FPP for BLSS or else do it last thing.

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You can arrive for your ADR at 7:50-8:00 and eat early. You’ll be out in Fantasyland and able to ride 7DMT (maybe multiple times) before crowds. Then quickly do PP, HM, and ETWB before the crowds get big. Go for a 9:30 FPP on SM that you can get to around 10-10:15 when you’re done the other rides I listed. Go for a 10:30 FPP for PoC. Go for an 11:30 FPP for BTM. After your 3 FPPs are used, you’ll be able to pick up more. Splash always seemed to be available at a wide variety of times when I was in the park last week, so book that ride with the extra FP. Do Buzz the same way - it seemed easy enough to find availability on the app and/or using the “modify” trick. You can add in other attractions around these rides using the TP software - maybe JC and Magic Carpets near PoC, or IASW/Pooh/UtS in the morning somewhere too.

I’m sure there are other ways to do it, but that’s my personal opinion. Good luck!

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What is the “modify” trick? I do like this plan though. Didn’t know you could arrive 30 min early for your reservation.

All pre-RD ADRs can enter whenever the restaurant opens.

For the modify trick, when you open the app to make your 4th FPP, you might not see the ride you want on the list, or the time you want. Just pick something - anything. Then click on the new FPP and touch “modify” - you’ll get a whole new list of ride choices that often have better selections / better times. You have to be patient and keep trying, sometimes 10-15 times, but things often pop up. I pulled a Test Track FPP, a Buzz FPP, and a Splash FPP last week using this trick, as examples.

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Can you get 3 for your whole party or just one at a time?

You can make FPPs for the whole party or for individuals, whatever you prefer. Multiple people can be logged in and looking for FPPs, too.