FPP Strategy

Curious what everyone’s strategy is when it comes to FPP and Park Hopping. For example, we are going during busy time (mid-June) but could we theoretically get major attractions (Everest, Safari, Kali Rapids) done at rope-drop at Animal Kingdom without using FPP, thereby scheduling our FPP that day for the park we plan to hop to late afternoon/evening? I’m thinking rope drop headliners and then do the high capacity shows.

Just wondering how everyone approaches FPP reservations. TIA!

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We would do the same as you and RD AK without FPP. Even on a 9 day over busy spring break, we did Everest 3 times in the first 20 minutes. It was an 8am EMH day.

That’s a smart approach.

Good to know! Thanks! Would this work in any other parks?

It definitely works in other parks! If I am at MK in the morning for RD I will not use FPs. I have two exceptions: 1. I always use FPs at HS since there are three attractions I love and at least two of them allays have a long wait 2. I very rarely use FPs at EP (unless Saorin is open and it is my only park of the day - I can rope drop Soarin other wise).

Absolutely! If you pick the park with morning EMH, you will be the most successful. It still works with a regular rope drop, but the extra hour in the morning will give you an extra hour before the sleep in on vacation types show up.

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Thanks for the tips @PrincipalTinker and @Wahoohokie!


I’m on the same page as Wahoohokie. I’m going in late April, and my plan is:
Day 1 AM: HS (EMH, FPP)
Day 1 PM: MK
Day 2 AM: AK (EMH)
Day 2 PM: HS (FPP)
Day 3 AM: MK (FPP)
Day 3 PM: Ep (EMH, mostly World Showcase)
Day 4 AM: Ep (FPP)

I want to be sure to get on the Aerosmith coaster, the Tower of Terror, and maybe Star Tours at least twice each, so i’ll be FPPing both HS visits. If it works out the way I’m hoping, I’ll be able to prance out of ToT and into Fantasmic.

AK seems very feasible to Rope Drop without FPP, especially with EMH. My TP has me doing Dinosaur, Everest and Kilimanjaro before EMH ends; after that it’s just managing show times for Lion King, Nemo and Flights.

If I were staying for an evening park session on day 4, I would probably skip the morning Future World FPPes and just rope drop that. But unfortunately I’ve got to hit the road that afternoon, so Mission Space is getting a FPP it probably doesn’t really need.

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