FPP strategies for AK and HS

Fast pass day next Friday. I’m finally thinking about it. While I have been getting some help here with creating TPs, I have to say the TPs will make a lot more sense to me after I have the FPP and know what I am working around…

I have my goals for MK (7DMT, Space, Buzz or BTMRR)
I’m thinking EP will be TT, MS and SE.

AK??? Clearly I will be trying for FOP… it will be 60+7, so I really hope I manage it. But then, what else is a good use of FPP? Should I then try to RD Navi? I normally RD KS. If we RD Navi do we mess up our chances of doing KS and EE first thing? I have fond memories of twice through KS and then 2-3 times through EE at park open.

And HS… what even are the tiers right now? I looked on mesaboys DIS listing and it doesn’t appear updated for SWGE. I don’t know if such a list exists on TP. I guess I will go hunt for that now.

I don’t think they’re offering FPPs for anything in SWGE right now. From other reports, it sounds like MF has a fastpass line, but they’re only using it for DAS and rider swap. I haven’t heard anything about when they might start offering regular FPPs.

No FP for SWGE currently. Only standby.

Tier 1 is SDD, TSMM, A2S, ToT and RnR.

Tier 2 is Star Tours and a bunch of the shows.

KS and EE for your other 2 FP

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Sorry. Thank you. This is what I meant.
Thank you.

So RD Navi and then enjoy a single ride on KS and EE?

Assuming I get FOP.

At 60+7, I think it’s very, very likely that you will get FOP (and have a number of different time options). No guarantees, but I’d be shocked if you didn’t get it.


What do you think this is? … Disney World 2010 where you could go off-peak season and ride your favs over and over with little wait??? :slight_smile:

I would RD Navi and then head over to EE where the line may still be relatively short. Then use your EE FP, later for a second ride on EE. KS is tougher but you could try heading there right after Navi.

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A girl can dream.
(Though we did pull off two KS and three EE at RD in 2016. My kids in the stroller almost had whiplash…)