Ok so I know we’re really getting into the mundane details on this, but what is the better strategy for touring FW between 7-8:30 pm before Illuminations:

1). FPP SSE 7:36 pm (2 min wait) --> TTwC 8:04 pm (11 min wait), hoping to pull another FPP for TTwC if possible via the phone app

2) FPP TTwC 7:37 (2 min wait) --> SSE 8:06 (9 min wait), thereby assuring not missing the next showing of TTwC and having to wait the extra 17 min.

Pedantic details, sure, but what else is there for me to obsess over at this point??? :wink:

With these two I would do them in whichever order requires the least walking. So FP the first one and hope for an extra on the second. So if you are entering from the front, option #1?

Actually this is post-dinner at Biergarten, so coming from World Showcase. Walking should be about the same either way as afterwards we’ll head back up to Showcase plaza for Illuminations. Thanks for the help - I was worried about the 2nd FPP as the Lines app often has most things out of FPPs at that time of day!