FPP - Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Railroad?

Is it better to get a FP for Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Railroad? We usually do Splash Mountain, but I’m rethinking this. Both would be done in the morning, after Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear and Jungle Cruise.

We went by what our tp recommend which was thunder mountain.

It always seems as if Spalsh takes longer to build a long line, especially if your trip is not in the summer.

The answer is - it depends. Your overall list of attractions to do and the crowd conditions on the day will determine which FPP will give you the greatest benefit. It may in fact be that neither Splash nor Big Thunder are among the best choices. Make a Personalized TP and Optimize it to see what the recommendations are.

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I have been making a personalized plan, but there seems to be only a 5 minute difference. But I don’t know if, as things dynamically change, which will be the better choice.

I am planning a 7DMT, Buzz Lightyear and one other coaster for my FPPs and then RD Space Mountain. I don’t think there’s any easy way to get 2 7DMT without a long wait for at least one.

I like to FP Splash because it’s a wet ride. I usually plan it right before we leave for our afternoon break.

Huh! I never thought of doing Splash in the afternoon. That makes sense.

That’s what I have it planned for. That way I don’t have to sit in wet clothes all day. We can go back and go to the pool and shower after. I hate the idea of that water on me all day.