FPP Selection Question

Hey all - On our next trip in December we are staying one night at POP at the beginning of our trip and the remainder of the week offsite at my in-laws timeshare. We are staying Monday night at POP and then attending MVMCP on Thursday night with our magicbands linked to these tickets. Do we need to wait until 30 days to make our FPP selection because we are not staying at POP the night of the party? I ask because I received an email from Disney saying to make our selections as our hotel stay is now 60 days out. I tried making FPP selections but was unable so I am assuming this is the case. Thanks!


I believe you can’t make FPP selections for the actual party, rather you can access MK at 4 and make FPP from 4-7 (when e party actually starts). Either way, most of the attractions are walk on during the party so you probably won’t be needing them. I hope someone can confirm this @SallyEppcot, does your librarian knowledge have something about this?

I don’t know off the top of my head, but I can research it for you tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Ok, it seems like only 4-7 FPP for event days. You may want to check out this thread: Using FPP on MVMCP tips

Have a great time @PJMickey !

And, yes, 60 days for on-site, 30 for off. FPP for parties only from 4-7. Since you’ll be off on that day, 30 days.

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Good work @quicha!