FPP SD question

Does anyone know if I book a tier 1 in HS, after I use it can I try and get a SD tier 1 in Epcot?

Slinky isn’t in Epcot!

But to answer your question, yes you can.

If you only pre-book one or two FPs, then once you get there and tap into the first FP, you can then book your remaining initial FPs, of which you have three in total. Those remaining FPs can be in any other park(s) and can include tier 1s.

It does not work staying in the same park, only if park hopping.

So if starting at DHS with Slinky, you can then book TT (at Epcot) and Navii (at AK). Or book TT and a tier 2 ride at Epcot, or any 2 at MK etc.

Excellent - that is what I was hoping for :slight_smile:
I think I am going to go to HS first and try to get SDD, then go to Epcot later.
it is on my check in day - so SDD may be optimistic - but it is just for 1 person so keeping my fingers crossed.

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Are there many (any?) tier 1’s that are available day of? I was under the impression that aside from Test Track and Soarin’, you’d really be rolling the dice and you’d have to book those pretty early in the day.

It will depend on the day, crowds and some luck. But people do get day-of tier1 FPs, even for FEA and FoP. It might take some persistence, and you may not get one, or only a late time.

Er, didn’t @ajcraw102 mean Same Day?

Yes. I have gotten many Tier 1’s day of. However, obviously the bigger your party, the harder to do. I have had better luck finding groups of 1 or 2 and then getting overlapping times. Modify, modify, modify (the motto of many of us, courtesy of @OBNurseNH).

It will be FAR less likely to find FoP, and Frozen as day of, but it can, and has, been done.

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Maybe! :blush:

I thought they meant SDD and just mis-typed lol! :grin: