FPP RNR tips

DS8 & DH & I love RNRC. We will be traveling with my dad (62) who likes roller coasters but doesn’t LOVE them like us. DS4 will also be with us - too short for the ride - so we can ride swap :-). Need help on strategies / maximizing DSs rides on RNRC

With rope drop, child swap, the single rider line, and FastPass+ you should be able to ride a bunch of times in the early morning. Depending on how you want to use your other FPP options, you’d probably be able to get another FPP to ride later in the day (after you’ve used the first three up) from a a kiosk in the park. When you do return, if everyone goes through the line, then most of your group should be able to ride twice if you do child swap then, too.

Rope Drop… (Get child swap, save for later) 1
Perhaps get right back in line (get child swap again) 2
do other things.
Have a FP for it (get child swap again) 3.
Use up your other FP’s and get 4th FP for RNR. Use it at your leisure (get child swap) 4.

then use the 4 child swap passes as you please (5,6,7,8).

There’s 8 rides for the RNR lovers… Poor dad hanging with DS4 for all those rides.