FPP Reservation Plan

I’d love to run this by you all. Any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated. This is our first time reserving FPP and my morning is coming up fast. I’ve underlined anything that I feel is top priority (try to get those first) and my list is the Ride, then the time I want to ride, and in parentheses the range in which my FP will accommodate the preferred ride time. Let me know what you think and again, any info and suggestions will be helpful! :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!

7 Dwarfs Mine Train @ 9:39am (9:00am-9:35am)
Splash Mtn @ 11:33am (10:35am-11:30am)
Big Thunder Mtn @ 12:02pm (11:35am-12:00pm)

  • #4 Jungle Cruise @ 5:20pm (4:20pm-5:20pm)

Spaceship Earth @ 9:44am (9:00am-9:45am)
Character Spot @10:05am (9:45am-10:05am)
Frozen Ever After @ 11:00am (10:05am-11:00am)

  • #4 Illuminations @ (9:00pm)

Indiana Jones Show @ (1:15pm)
Rock n’ Rollercoaster @ 8:02pm (7:05pm-8:00pm)
Tower of Terror @ 8:15pm (8:05pm-8:15pm)

Dinosaur @ 11:01am (10:00am-11:00am)
Flight of Passage @ 2:17pm (1:20pm-2:15pm)
Kilimanjaro Safari @ 6:33pm (5:30pm-6:30pm)

Turtle Talk w/ Crush @ 3:03pm (2:00pm-2:25pm)
Seas with Nemo @ 3:25pm (2:25pm-3:25pm)
Frozen Ever After @ 10:01pm (9:00pm-10:00pm)

Space Mtn @ 7:00pm (6:05pm-7:00pm)
Big Thunder Mtn @ 8:03pm (7:00pm-7:50pm)
Splash Mtn @8:50pm (7:50pm-8:50pm)

These look like good choices, overall.

If memory serves, you’ll have a hard time with your plan for DHS, because RnRC and ToT are the same Fastpass tier, where you only get one.

The other question I would ask is if you’re planning to do Peter Pan’s Flight - because its line can get surprisingly long.

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Gonna RD PPF after breakfast at CRT the final day. The day before we also have tickets to the EMM event where we will get to do the 3 rides multiple times. I did not realize TOT and RNRC were the same tier tho! :frowning: on the TP page for HS FPP is says they are two different tiers…

Then I have a bad memory. Carry on!

Just double-checked by attempting to book both 30 days out from now (being an AP has advantages!). Can confirm that you can hold ToT and RnRC simultaneously; my original comment was in error. Have fun!

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Several of your FPs are just outside the end range of the FP window. I realize that they give you a bit of wiggle room, but it seems risky to be planning on it so often (vs. having to use if if you unexpectedly run late).

For Turtle Talk & your Weds Big Thunder Mtn - aren’t those times outside even the grace period?

I thought TOT & RNRC were separate tiers. The big tier conflict at DHS is RNRC vs. Toy Story I thought.

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Don’t waste a FP on Indiana Jones.
Star Tours should be up your alley if you like TOT and RNR.

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for Turtle talk, if I got a pass anywhere between 2:00-2:25, I will still be able to ride it at 3:00 and then use my next FPP fpr Seas with Nemo @3:25.
Same situation for BTM on WEdnesday: if I book anywhere between 7:00-7:50pm I will be able to ride Big Thunder at 8:00 and Splash at 8:50.

I only had it for IJ to eliminate wait time and guarantee a seat. I can definitely skip it and use my 3rd pass for an extra Star Tours! :slight_smile:

Some of the FP times you have in brackets overlap. They must be an hour apart, and there will be an hour’s window (other than shows where the window is smaller - you should arrive 20 minutes before a show and the FPs will be similarly timed).

Example Epcot (sat): you have FPs down for 9-9:45, 9:45-10:05 and 10:05-11.

They would have to be 9-10, 10-11, 11-12

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ah I gotcha. So for my Epcot day to work I HAVE to get 9, 10, and 11 for those three rides to work, but I can still ride at the time I want to, correct?

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if you can get the “perfect mix” when you go to reserve, yes. Chances are better that your options will be 5-15 minutes between the end of one window and the start of the next.


Looks good, but personally I would grab a FP for Expedition Everest over Dinosaur at AK.

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hitting EE in the morning with a 7 min wait time, and then twice in a row during dinner for a 7 min and a 6 min so I figured Dinosaur would be the best bet to shave time off of something. Plus I am in LOVE with the EE queue.

RnRC is a Tier 1 and ToT is a tier 2. She can do both.

Yeah, caught that later. My error!