FPP report

Our fast pass day was Saturday. We were up early and online right on time and everything went pretty much exactly as expected. Nothing was available for FOP at 60+1 but we got it at exactly the time we wanted for 60+5. We will just rope drop it that first day. The only SDD at 60+3 was later in the evening and was going to mess up other plans we had for that day, so we opted to let it go and just rope drop it instead. Everything else we were able to get within 10 minutes of the times we had hoped for after a little modifying.

Oh and we had zero problems with the website! Very pleased with how it all went overall. Now the real planning begins. :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting! Our 60 day mark is Saturday and I am so nervous about MDE. You have just made this 72 year old grandmother’s day! Just pray MDE is working this week too!


My FastPass day was near the end of August and I FORGOT! Remembered just as I started up the shower about an hour AFTER the window had opened. I was still able to get everything I had planned within 10-20 minutes of target time EXCEPT FOP. For the last month, I’ve been hitting the MDE app a few times each day to see if I can modify one of my AK FastPass to FOP, but I have never seen a single available time.

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Do you have a Navii FP? If so, are you modifying it? That’s the only way you’ll see FoP availability (if you have it).

General rule: if you have a tier 1 FP and want to see availability of another tier 1 ride, you have to modify your existing tier 1 FP. You won’t lose it until you confirm another one.

Yes, I keep hitting Modify on the Na’vi River Journey reservation… then I search for any available evening / afternoon / morning, check around the meal times, sometimes obsessively check every 30-minute increment LOL :slight_smile:

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Every 30 minutes? Pfft, call yourself a liner? :wink:

Seriously, good luck. Hope you get it. :grinning:

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My FP was on Sunday and I also had no problems with MDE. We got FOP at 60+6.

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