FPP recommendations, anyone?

I’m trying to decide what to do for our first full day. We’ve got very low CLs, and CRT at 8:15. We’re also doing MNSSHP (and entering at 4) another day, plus probably visiting MK on our last morning.

If we’re now able to book a sngle FPP in one park, and then go in MDEA and book one for another park as soon as we use the first then I wonder if I could get an early FPP for Peter Pan (younger niece can’t do 7DMT, so I think we’ll wait on that until the rest of our group arrives 2 days later) and then immediately try for Soarin or Frozen in the evening, or if I shouldn’t just go for the Epcot tier 1 right off the bat and wait in the line for Peter Pan

Here’s the tentative TPs, without any FPP.
Epcot - PM

I thought you still had to book 3 FP in the same park before booking additonal ones one at a time? You have time to wait and see what the actual waits will be for Frozen once it opens - that might sway your decision?

It’s been confirmed that people have scanned their first FP (tier 1) at Epcot and then immediately booked a tier 1 at HS in the MDE app.

It’s just occurred to me that there’s a decent chance that the Frozen FPs will be booked up well in advance, so I’d better just get that one as soon as possible. If it turns out that the lines aren’t expected to be as long once its been open for a few weeks and they have real data then I can probably still switch it to Peter Pan or maybe Soarin.