FPP questions, WDW-Universal-WDW stay, no tix yet


Getting ready for my FPP reservations later this week. We are doing a split stay (2 days WL room only, 2 days Universal, 5 days POFQ room only). We will have 8 day park tix - although not purchased yet.

I have seen other posts that confirm that a typical split stay, without a break in between, can book FPP for the length of stay.

When my window for FPP opens this week, will I be limited to the WL dates, and then have to do FPP reservations again when the window opens up for POFQ? Or will I be able to do FPP for the entire trip time.

Also, do I need to have my tickets already purchased and tied to the account? If so, I better order them!! smile



As far as I know, you need to have tickets tied to your MDE account in order to book FPP, although I don't know about the booking window. I know I was able to "test" book only one day on my MB, but 4 days on DDs, because that's the remaining days available on our tickets (no expire from an old trip).


Thanks @Agent_C

Update: I did buy my tix around 5 pm last night, got online around 1230 Eastern time. Was able to make FPP for the first 3 days of the trip when we are staying at WL. Was not able to make FPP reservations for the latter half of the trip when we are at POFQ.

Just FYI, A&E and 7DMT and Wishes were not available. Just about everything else was, at pretty much anytime we wanted.

For arrival day, we are going to get to AK around 1 or 2. Our FPs are
Dino 230, EE 345, Safari 515
Day 2 DHS
TSMM 930, STour 1030, ToT 1130
Day 3 Epcot
Soarin 920, MSpace 1020, SEarth 1120


Keep trying for the A&E and 7DMT. I've heard that done availability does come up. Just try changing your experiences, and if you don't find what you want, just don't complete the change.