FPP questions - Illuminations


If I get a fast pass for Illuminations, where will I be watch from? Any liners do this and do you get a good view?


I can't tell you exactly where it is, but almost every review I've seen is that you can easily get a better view on your own and is generally considered to be a waste of FPP. That became even more prevalent once it blocked you from getting a 4th plus FPP since your third one would be tied up the entire day.


I think it's right at the bridge leading from Future World to World Showcase. I've read that it's a front-and-center view and directly adjacent to the Illuminations Dessert Party area.


It's to the right of center, on the FW side of the lagoon. Queue/entrance to the area is about half-way to Canada. The view angle is excellent, but you're about 30 feet back from the rail (safty reasons), and part of the area is behind planters. Terrible for photography because there is no way to NOT get the railing in front of the fountains. I walked past better locations on my way to the FPP area. AND, you still have to get there 30-45 min in advance to be at the head of the FPP pack if you want to be near the front of the section. IMO, a waste of an FPP; I'll never do it again.