FPP Priorities

Hi everyone,

A heartfelt thank you to this community! You all share so freely and kindly with each other, veteran and new members alike. I have learned so much from following along, and now it’s my turn to ask for some advice. I’m gearing up for FPPs, and I understand that it’s best to go in order of priority rather than chronological. I followed that advice for ADRs, and it worked beautifully! My only concern for FPP is that I’m not sure which are the hotter ticket, so I would welcome your opinions! We’ll be in WDW in May.

Wed. HS: RD TSM, FPP SDD, Star Tours and Little Mermaid – the last two to allow us to use up all 3 so that we can try for a 4th.

Thurs. MK: FPP 7DMT, BTMR, and PPF.

Fri. EP: RD FEA, FPP TT, MS and Nemo. Try for 4th FPP for Soarin’?

Sat. EP: same as above

So given the Tier 1 choices, which one should I be trying for first, second, and so on? We’re on site, arriving Tuesday, so HS will be 60+1. This is nerve-wracking – any advice is so welcome! Thank you!


SDD is earliest in your trip and the the hardest to get of your Tier 1’s. After that I’d get 7DMT, then TT. Everything else is pretty easy to get at 60 days…


I’d consider on Epcot day 2 doing FP for one of the other headliners FEA, Soaring and RDing a different ride since you RD’d FEA the day before? Unless that just works better for everything else. or you are dying to do TT twice in which case stick with the plan.

Soarin seems to be the easiest tier 1 to get 4th FP, so that might be the strategy here.

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So in HS you can only do ONE attraction in TSL. So you won’t be able to choose TSMM and SDD, just as an FYI

I would make my selections in this order if it were me:

  • Wed SDD

  • Thurs 7D

  • Thurs PP

  • Fri FEA

  • Sat Soarin

And then the rest in chronological order.

It would be great if you had a second HS day so you could FPP TSMM


No FOP? I agree with SDD first, then 7DMT, tier 1 9am FPP can be tricky, initially, I couldn’t get a 9am 7DMT, but after a few modifications I did

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Thank you! Looks like I may have several plans of attack, but this one is looks good to me!

I have a TT fanatic, so that’s in there twice by special request! Thinking RD FEA makes sense since we’ll be coming in to EP from the IG entrance, so we can get over to Norway fairly quickly – or so we hope!

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It’s so hard to tell, but I think that’s what we’d like to try.

Thanks OBNurseNH – that list is very helpful! Actually, we were going to try to RD TSMM. I have Plan A, Plan B – I am the planner for my family, but this one really raises the bar. Thank you for your insight!


No, no AK this trip. And it looks like I may have replied in a cumbersome manner…sorry to fill up this thread with responses to you all. Lots to learn!

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