FPP pre-booked in multiple parks

Saw this on Facebook. Does anyone have more details?

There’s a discussion about it on chat but not really any more detail.

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I wouldn’t personally trust it too much. I arrive June 14th so past the first available booking date. June 28th is 60 days from today so anyone that books for arrival before then probably wouldn’t get the hard to get FP anyway. Yeah sounds like a nice promo but a good month of it has already been put at a disadvantage.

Agreed. Our trip is during this window, so I’m feeling a little jealousy. It would have been nice to have this option during the planning phase

Most people won’t get the pin code anyway, it’s not a general offer.

This makes me nervous.

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Me too. I can book my FP on 3rd June and I’m just holding my breath hoping they don’t mess with anything :joy::joy:

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It feels like a test for potential paid fast passes to me.


It does to me too but honestly they are bound to be charging for them in a few years when I can next go. I just don’t want them to start it for this trip and ruin all my planning. It’s been 3 years!!


Or not give enough time to understand and make an educated plan!