FPP planning is harder than you'd think

I’m approaching my FPP day and am trying to figure out what I want to book.

I’m finding it weirdly difficult to do.

Partly because — and I know this won’t be popular with some — I have three advantages.

First, I have an anytime FPP for each day of my trip. Not sure what’s allowed and what isn’t, but that certainly makes planning ahead less necessary.

Second, I’ve been a bit heavy handed with the EMM and FEA dessert party booking, which means some of the headline attractions are less of a worry.

Third, I’m sold on the idea of rope-dropping, which should mean I can knock out some primo rides without much waiting in line.

It’s actually slightly annoying me that we “have” to do this. I’m suddenly wondering if @ryan1 might be right about FPPs, viz that they actually make trips harder to plan.


Yup. So unfair :sob:

I spent way to long researching what fpp, and now that is done I’m second-guessing every choice. I’m sure it’s all wrong. But, worse comes to worse, I’ll modify them to fit or abandon them altogether. No real harm in making them.

Try doing it with 12 in your party. Not looking forward to it at all but will be happy when I am done.

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I totally agree. Probably in the minority as Disney does their FPs for free but I much prefer Universal’s upgrade for a price FP system. It eliminates scrambling to make FP windows, worrying about lunch or dinner taking too long, scheduling FPs too far apart or too close together, etc. plus, my kids tend to want to ride their favorite rides over and over which is impossible with Disney’s system. We never did a ride at Universal less than twice in a row because if they liked it they immediately wanted to do it again.


i agree they absolutely do make trip planning harder. i was all happy with my plans until the big announcement about extra extra magic hours

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I agree. They extended park hours, and dropped the crowd levels and now I don’t need all of those extra things I bought. It ticks me off to see my TP not use a carefully selected FP and wreck my previously-finely-tuned plans. :rofl:

But you never know, CL could jump up due to unforeseen events. Bad weather could have you scrambling the next time making up for what you planned to do the day before. So I guess we should just be grateful for the circumstances and have a great time. Perfection is the enemy of pretty darn good!

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Universal is so much more relaxing. need to get over my FOMO if i want Disney to be more relaxing


How does one get an anytime FPP for every day of their trip?!

Complain to the right person!

Oh gosh… hope you have a magical trip!

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