FPP - Peter Pan vs Buzz

I’m in need of some wisdom and good advice. For my MK day in early March I currently have a SM FPP at 9:10, then PP at 10:30, and 7DMT at 4:35 (far too late!!). The plan is to RD 7DMT and modify that late FPP for something earlier. I’ve been looking for an earlier FP for PP but the earliest is 3:30 (this has been the earliest for about 2 weeks now). Seeing as Peter Pan still has afternoon availability would it make sense to swap that for a Buzz FPP at 10:15? Location wise it definitely does. Anybody have any suggestions? I’m leaning towards making the switch but I wanted to get the advice of you wise folks first. Thanks!!

I have always found Buzz to be an easy 4th FP. I would not make that change.


This has been my experience too.

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Thank you so much!! The location and timing of the next available FP really made me want to switch but I really needed the advice. :blush:

I agree. Easy to add later typically.


I guess the 10:15 FP for Buzz should have been the tip-off :smirk: