FPP on Day Of Park Admission

If I do not book advanced FPP for a theme park, when I enter the park, can I immediately make 3 FPP for that same day, or am I limited to 1 at a time?

You can book three and you don’t have to actually enter the park to book those in advance, even the day of.

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Yes, use the Disney App. Book your first three early then after you have used them you can book additional FPP but be aware that most of the good rides will be unavailable and filled. Tier one. Forget it.

So, just as a point of clarification. I am NOT booking the FPP in advance.

So, my question is, once i enter the park, I am eligible to book FPP, just like a guest on a 1 day park ticket. The question is, can I book the first 3 at a time, or do I have to go one at a time.

3 at a time.

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yes, three at a time. But unless you won’t have your ticket until you enter, you may want to book ahead of time, even if it’s the night before.