FPP+ Newbie

If I want to go to Epcot and I’m only really interested in getting FastPasses for the tier 1 rides (test track, soarin, etc) do I have to book and use two tier 2 rides before I can book another tier 1 or can I just book one tier one and then on the same day book them one at a time, but all tier 1’s?

You must use or expire two tier 2 before booking another tier 1. If expiring the tier 2 need to be before tier 1

We had this problem too. Spaceship Earth isn’t a bad pick for a tier 2 you will actually use. Mission Space (which as closed while we were there but is reopening soon) might also be a good pick depending on how you feel about a simulator.

If you want to ride Living with the Land, it wouldn’t be a bad pick if you want to do it right after RD-ing Soarin’ and Test Track. It was a little bit crowded (still only a 10ish minute wait) right after RD because it is right next to Soarin’ and a lot of Soarin’ riders get off and go straight to it.