FPP Linked to My Disney Experience

We have 4 people linked to Disney Ex. We booked our FPP’s but not all will be able to use them for all either because of height or medical reasons. Ex: 2 can use them 2 can’t. What do we do? Do we have to scan all 4 wrist bands for the FPP to be considered used and knock one off our 3? Thank you!

You have a few options.

  1. You could swap magic bands and let the people who can ride do it again.

  2. You can just tap in and not enter the FP line. This would be important if you are in a tiered park (Epcot, DHS, AK) and not doing (1) above.

  3. In magic kingdom, you could just modify the last one to something different when it’s time for others to make their 4th. This could get complicated, and will not always work in any other park if you have tier 1 rides.

However, you can make different FPs for people in your group. While A and B ride Splash Moutian, C and D could be riding Pirates. Or use rider swap where someone is too little to ride but everyone else would like to.

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Nickysyme, THANK YOU so much for you detailed reply. We will without a doubt use this info!