FPP Kiosk tips/tricks

Hi All!

My first ever WDW trip is only 35 days away and I could not be more excited!

One of the main reasons me and my SO are able to make this trip is due to a CM (family friend) getting us into the parks. As a stipulation for the free entry we are unable to make FP reservations through the MDE app and our CM will have to do them 7 days prior to our trip.

I’ve been reading a ton of info on here on getting the fourth FP via the app. Unfortunately, the tickets will not be able to be linked to my MDE app and we will have to use the kiosks to make new FP reservations throughout the three days we are there.

I’m seeking some advice on good times to make the trek to a kiosk and look for FP or any advice on those who have any insight/shared a similar experience.

Thank you all in advance!

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