FPP Kiosk Locations

Does anyone have a list of all the FPP kiosks in the parks? Also, any recommendations on the quieter ones when we are looking for a 4th FPP?

I’m having trouble getting into the TP website to link their page on this, but here’s the official Disney site that shows the locations. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/fastpass-plus-kiosks/

I haven’t used the kiosks, but surely someone else will chime in with personal recommendations.

Thanks for links, that’s really helpful.

There’s a site for that:


Thanks Laurel. I see that the TP link has locations listed that MDE does not e.g. Building in Liberty Square outside Hall of Presidents. Do you know if they are all still in use? I think I saw a blog post a while ago where that particular location looked pretty quiet. Maybe that’s because it’s not listed ?

My Google search for this revealed that park maps also show the FPP locations. I wasn’t able to find a map with FPP locations online.