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Very extremely frustrated with TP’s and its programming being reluctant to put our FPP in exactly as we enter them. Example. I have have a FPP for Test Track at 8:05 AM and enter that time. I enter my other 2 with their times. I optimize and optimize and optimize and optimize because it keeps telling me FPP is not used for Test Track for yadda yadda yadda and places it later in day. THis is total BS and should not happen. I have selected a plan for the already established plans and have my FPP exactly as suggested. I want TP to put my FPP times exactly in as I enter them period, simple. None of this entering in breaks in place of FPP. THats not what I paid for or should tolerate. Im very frustrated. Combined with the Crowd Calender’s being totally off Im not thinking TP is what it used to be. Others have voiced similar frustrations with their plans as well. Fix it PLEASE

Use evaluate. Next to the Optimize button- if you read what it says- it tells you what is going to happen, which is that the computer will determine the most efficient touring order for the attractions you picked. Evaluate lets you do your own thing- if you read what it says next to that button you will see it simply updates wait times.

I get the frustration, and had the same issue, as the computer didn’t accept a couple of my FP+s throughout 8 days of plans at the different parks- and reordered things using the ones it thought I needed. With that said, our waits are projected to be so low that the software didn’t recommend any FPs throughout our time there, so I just got ones for the lines projected to be longer than 10 minutes- and it was only a handful of attractions. I also got them for returns on things we will do twice if we want to. Have been using the UG/touringplans order for a long time (since 1984 I think was the first time)- and am coming up on my 28th trip in a month. I have never stood in a line (except once, and it was intentional) longer than 10 minutes or so. If the plan says don’t use it- I am personally not going to use it.

I get that we are all different, though- and some people like to make their own order. If you have a plan, and don’t want the computer to move your attractions around- use evaluate.

Crowd calendars are being updated in the next few days, as per all the blogs and posts here centered around wait times. I was just over at the blog site reading this one:

EDIT: I also agree with the post below, and would never use a FP+ first thing in the morning except for maybe 7DMT or A&E in the MK. Getting to the park at rope drop allows you to save the FPs for when you actually need them- which is usually later is the day. I am going in early December- and since we do rope drop twice in the MK- and one morning each in the other parks, FPs aren’t a big deal for us since we can walk on to most of the major attractions before a lot of guests get out of bed in the morning :smile:

I think you may have better luck emailing webmaster@touringplans.com. Or, if you need help, there are a couple of liners around that are very good at creating TPs (sorry, I create, but keep my plan in my head). Honestly, an 8:05 FP? Is that AM? Are you planning on riding it twice? I would never waste a FP on one of the few times during the day that you may not need it!

If you would like help with your plan can I suggest:

  1. Make the plan public (I think you hit publish?) then copy the link here

  2. Tag some experts! @len is away for the weekend but I am sure he will see this when he returns. @brklinck is the person I would ask.

  3. Just a little advice- this forum (and chat) are filled with people passionate about Disney and touring plans. I understand you are frustrated but the people that see your post here are mainly just like you and we all try to help.

Just saw this thread on chat : Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

Out of curiosity, make your tp as you want it, then copy it. Evaluate yours with your FPPs where you want them and look at the statistics for total wait time, free time, walking. Then optimize the copied plan (as to not ruin your order) then see what it says for time waiting etc.

Who knows, there could only be a few minutes difference.

I totally understand your frustration, but use evaluate instead of optimize. This works great and you control what you do when. Also agree that you don’t need an 8am FPP.

Done all the suggestions above and know and read others have same issue. And my FPP times for thing in morning? TP suggests the times and I followed that suggestion so that’s out. Evaluating then optimizing, done that so many times

Here’s the deal. Just fix it. If we want to have a FPP for 1005 at BTMRR then then it should place
It there end of story period done. All this crap about breaks and time and all is hogwash. Fix it

TP overrides the customers wish by pulling out times you have established and want. I don’t want to change my FPP times and want TP to put them into my plan accordingly but we know it doesn’t. Fix it

Once again, if you put your anger aside for a minute and publish your plans maybe someone can help. People have problems all the time. With help those problems are resolved. Usually it is something you are doing, one of your settings, your misunderstanding (like setting the time to PM instead of AM), that causes the problem. Lots of people are creating TPs and it is working for them. Publish your plans if you would like help. Or don’t publish them and continue being mad😉

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The optimize button shows what the program determines is the optimal touring plan given the attractions identified, the walking speed, and the wait vs. walking preference. It also provides recommendations for FP.

For a variety of reasons, the optimal plan may not be your plan. You may not be able to get FP for the suggested time, you may prefer an attraction earlier or later, etc. At this point, you click and drag attractions to the preferred time, make sure the FP is entered correctly then press “evaluate.” This will let you know how long the modified plan will take.

If you press optimize again, your modifications will be undone, and you will be back to the first step where the program is recommending FP you may not want or have. Optimize then evaluate.

Ok thanks for the calming reply

This is my last reply to this thread since my frustration is being perceived as anger and with only 18 days until wheels up for Orlando and my schedule work wise full until then Im not going to allow this to get the best of me.

With that

I started over from scratch with all my TP for my 7 day trip coming up and will publish them when I get done. WIth my work schedule I will have little time online but will spend what time I have tr

Have a great day ya’ll and thanks for the feedback advice hint tips and tricks.

Remain Calm and Disney On!

I think it would be nice to have a “FPP lock” option. That way if you have a FPP that you definitely want to keep at that time, you can still optimize the other attractions around it.

This is a really good idea. You should send it to 'the powers that be :smile: ’ in case they miss your post.

I was having a similar issue with the TP ignoring my FPP selection (it’s for muppets 3d). I know I don’t need a FPP for it, but the other 29 people I’m traveling with picked that attraction. So I got it. The thing is, if the TP has us scheduled to go on the ride before the FPP time, all would be well, we would then just let the FPP go. Unfortunately, TP has me scheduled to go on the ride after our FPP, which requires a leap of faith. We’re using the FPP anyway. I’m just going to click “done” on the Lines app when we’re there and have it re-optimize after the ride is complete.
I agree that a FPP lock would be ideal for these unusual circumstances.

not sure if i’m wrong(I often am :slight_smile: ) but if you

1.Optimize your plan
2. move your FPP to where you have them.
3. Press evaluate

Isn’t that how it should go?

if you press optimize your asking TP for the ‘best plan’ it then suggests it so you can move your FPP? if it didnt move them how would you know to get the best (according to TP) plan?

Locking FP is in the pipeline for a future update, I believe. I know it’s been talked about.

I know the frustration with picking a FP that TP treks you to get only to have it change it’s mind. If you are set at having a FP at a certain time, you MUST use evaluate. Otherwise it will move the attraction to whet it thinks best.

That being said, what I have done is set my plan, use my FP when I had them, check off that the attraction was done, and re-optimize while in the .park. That way I had real time plans that took advantage of the FPs I could get.

Was thinking more about this today- and it should go beyond simply the ability to lock in FPP+ attractions. We should also have the option to lock in any attraction at a spot in the order. For example, my TP has 7DMT scheduled 2nd after Pooh with a 30 min wait on an EMH morning. Have been at this a very long time- and will be at the turnstiles at least 30 minutes before- and close to the front of the pack walking to 7DMT. I expect no more than a 5 minute wait at 7DMT as the first attraction, then going to PP from there, then Pooh. Some orders I am not as certain on, so it is nice to have the computer figure those out- but first thing in the morning I know where I want to go and in what order. The plans should allow me to lock the order in where I want that ability- and optimize around that.

I’m sure that Len and his team will continue to enhance the service. But, in the mean time, why don’t you just create a touring plan starting at 8:45am, after you’ve gone on your first three rides? Also, it seems that people continue to be confused about the evaluate and optimize buttons. If you want to keep something at a particular time, then you should never optimize. You should only evaluate and just see how the plan will work out.

Another idea: You could make a few separate TPs for various chunks of time in your day.

I noticed that Len recommends making your TP and then looking down the list for what ride has more than a 20 or 30 minute wait and selecting those as your FP+ rides. I plan on doing that, along with considering his overall general FP+ suggestions (7DMT, Peter Pan, Tales with Belle, etc.) Then, you’re getting the best of the computer models and the FP+ opportunities.