Hi everyone! When we go to WDW we are going to do at least one day in MK but probably will get 1.5-2. Any advice on which FPP to get? We would love to ride some of the popular rides more than once. Going Feb 13-19. MK is listed as being a crowd of 8 first day and 7 the next. I assume 7DMT is my first attempt. But what else? Are some better RD options? No EMH on the days we go. Thanks!!!

Do you have any children with you, and if you do, what ages?

You are going to have a great trip @tlrj4488! I strongly suggest making a personalized Touring Plan. It’s easier to see how the wait times change for each attraction at different times of day using that service. There are so many variables! I would start by adding everything you want to do just to see what’s possible. Optimize that dream list and see what happens. It will suggest FPs for you, give the wait times and tell you if you have too many things for one day. Then you can fiddle with the plan until you end up with something you can comfortably accomplish in one day.

On a busy level 8 day, you might have to be selective with the attractions. You just can’t do everything in one day when it’s busy. If you decide on 5-7 things that are your top MUST-DO attractions, and get to those first or use FP for them, then everything else will feel like icing on the cake.

I’ve found that arriving well before park opening really helps. We love the Adventure Land, Frontier Land and Liberty Square things best, so we do those attractions first thing in the morning and then FP Peter Pan, 7DMT and Enchanted Tales with Belle right after lunch. However, I have older boys, so your priorities might be different!


Oops! Sorry it’s just me and my husband! We don’t have kids yet. We are both 27 and it’s my first time to WDW. Been to Disneyland 4 times though. Hubby has been to WDW once before but that was 15 years ago.


For two adults I would FPP Space, Splash and Big Thunder. Of course, as you said the Mine Train would be first choice. Other than that the rides that have the longest line would be Peter Pan and maybe Pirates or Haunted Mansion ( but you should be able to stand by those with at most 20 minute waits). I think Big Thunder and Mine Train are better at night.