FPP if you're not there

If one of our party is “sleeping in”, can someone else in our party take their magicband and use their FPP? Then the night owl could either retrieve their magicband at the front gate or just use another linked magicband to join the party later?

No. If someone uses a band that hasn’t been used for entry, the MDE account will be locked.


Thanks, good info. (and what I thought)

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However, I believe that there is more “flexibility” if the party was in the park.

For example, a party of 4 has FPP for SM. All 4 people use their ticket to enter the MK but one person decides, for whatever reason, not to ride SM but to have a Mickey Bar instead. In most cases, someone else from the party Should be able to take the MB from that person and ride SM again. That persons name will show up, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Also, to enter the park, each person must scan thei MB + fingerprint authentication.

Yes it’s absolutely no problem if they are in the park.

Potentially it could also work if the person was in the park earlier but decided to go back to the room.