FPP glitch…i got 2 Fps for TSMM

So i made FP selections last night…there looks to be a glitch and i have 2 Fps associated to everyone in the group for TSMM. what is the likelihood that it will stay that way and actually get to use them both?

I’m not sure but that’s interesting that it let you. Do you still only have a total of 3 for that day or is it showing 4?

@outer. I actually have 5. 2 for tsmm, 2 for frozen and 1 star tours. And if I try to change any times or experiences, it says it can’t do it right now. So I’m not going to mess with them.

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Leave them alone! We got in on a Tier glitch last spring where they let you get three Tier 1’s, which was great for Epcot. But if you tried to change the times, they would not let you get the same ride because you already had a Tier 1 FPP. Hope these stick for you!

@bearsmom2011. That was my thought exactly.

Quick question though…if we use the first frozen early and then use both toy stories and star tours, can I then go in and cancel/change experience for the last frozen? I just want to be able to add more fp’s after we’ve done the other stuff.

Depends on the times. After all your FPP’s “expire” or time out, you are good to go. So you may not need to cancel them. What’s the timing on them? @Mr_Itty is particularly facile with the cancellation of FPP to get extra ones. What do you think @Mr_Itty?

Frozen at 9,tsmm at 1015 and 1050, star tours at 11something, frozen at 115 or close to that.

Appreciate any advice.

I think that, given that she’s already experiencing a glitch, there’s absolutely no way of predicting what’s going to happen as far as being able to book the “additional” FPs in the park. :frowning:

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Oh wow, so they are different times? That is awesome. I had assumed they were dupes. Those TSMM times are great because you can ride back to back, which we always want to do but the lines are too long. I think your plan of doing the early frozen is a good one, if you don’t want to use RD for RnR or ToT. Not really sure how it will work because it’s a glitch. I think they are all going to hold though because they are not dupes. if you cancel any of them before you have ridden three times, I would think you won’t be allowed to reschedule any of the extra ones (#4 & 5). If you did your first three (TSMM twice), and then you cancel the later frozen, I doubt it will let you reschedule because MDE thinks you have a 4th FPP upcoming (ST). Interested in what others think! Keep us posted!

Oh and another thought…what are the expected crowd levels on your touring day? We visited HS on a crowd 6 or 7 and the Star Tours FPP was not needed at all.

@bearsmom2011 we’re there dec 3. I think it’s a 4? So I only chose star tours as an option. Kids are too small for rnr and tot. Our plan is race to Jedi training and then start the day.

We may just have to play it by ear…I may just do later frozen.

Thanks for input