FPP for TSMM or ASS?

We will be in the world the 3rd week of August. Right now, I have a FPP for SDD on 8/21 at 7:40pm, and a FPP for ASS on 8/23 at 8:35am. My plan was to RD TSMM on 8/23. I know it’s early for trends, but by all accounts it seems that TSMM has had longer lines than ASS. But it also has more FPP availability, which seems contradictory. I’m trying to decide if I should switch to a TSMM FPP instead of ASS. And again, I know it is early, but I have a party of 7, so I want to switch before it’s too late! Thoughts? Thanks!

I think I would probably keep ASS, and then be ready to look for a day-of “rolling 4th” for TSMM, probably in smaller groups overlapping. Remember the mantra: Modify, modify, modify.

We will RD whichever ride we don’t have a FPP for, so I’m just wondering which would be better to RD I guess. I want to get there as late as possible and still have a reasonably short wait! I suppose I’m using Pandora as a guide - you can show up 90 minutes early to RD FoP, or 5 minutes early to RD NRJ.

The AS2 line is brutal in the sun. TSMM is (mostly) indoors and air-conditioned. Which points to FPP-ing AS2 for minimal sun horror.

But then the lines for AS2 have definitely been shorter. Which points to FPP-ing TSMM.

So I’ve been no help at all :frowning:


I did think about the sun/heat aspect, but then figured it wouldn’t be that bad before 9am?

I got my FPP for TSMM as a 4th FPP at about 2pm after a morning at FW in Epcot. I did have to do quite a lot of modifying to find it.

I never saw same-day AS2 availability.


Additional options: after your trip on SDD on 8/21, get in line for TSMM 5 minutes before park close. The actual wait time will be significantly shorter than what Disney is posting.

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TSL at night is a must-do.

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We are doing the Star Wars Dessert Party that night. Does it typically end with enough time to get on a ride after?

I am aiming to be out of HS by 3pm as DH and I are going to V&A that night :smiley::smiley:

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Don’t order the soufflé, lol. Or the posh beer :smile:

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I’m hoping my FPP window for SDD will at least get us close to a twilight ride. Though we are supposed to be at SW Launch Bay for the dessert party by 8:30. Is it ok to be late to those things?

Hubby can’t drink, and I’m all about the wine!

I show that the fireworks start at 10:00, park closes at 10:30. Presuming that they’re not closing TSL early due to the fireworks (@profmatt, any insight?) I would position yourself to head back to TSL as soon as the lights come back up, and you should be able to get in to TSMM before close.

Worst case, you can still have the option to RD on the 23rd, if need be.

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Yup. You’re just cutting into your own eating/drinking time. No advantage in arriving early for the SW party. No requirement to be on time.

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I will keep that in my mind. It will all depend on the temperament of the littles at that time of night!!

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Good to know! Thank you!

I left “early” last night. I was beat.

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Are you on your way to the airport now? I have so loved following your trip!!

Damned autocorrect.

Posh beef.