FPP for Sing-a-long or not?

My travel plan says it's not necessary to have FPP for the sing-along if going to the 10:25am show (my FPP time). Does anybody have experience with this? I'm there on a level 5 day.

It was my understanding that if you don't book a FPP for it you have to go and get a return time card for one of the later shows. I suppose that would include the first show but I can't confirm. Hopefully another liner can give you a hands on account.

My thought is if you want a specific show time might as well get a FPP for it. I did a TP and for my day nothing much had a longer wait so it made sense for us.

Now that you can get a FPP for this, are they giving out the return cards each day?

That's a good question @yoho. I'd like to know as we'll.