FPP for Off Site Guests- availability?

I am staying off site in November. I am just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what the FPP availability is looking like at 30 days out - will I be able to get 7DMT or A&E? What about Soarin or TSMM? Thanks for any insight or experience!!

I think for the most part the only headliners that are not typically available at 30 days are 7DMT and A&E. Though plenty have gotten them afterwards by trying throughout the day.

As of right now in MK at 30 days 7DMT, A&E, Wishes, and the parades are the only things showing as unavailable.

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Thanks for checking that - I really just want 7DMT since we haven't done it yet and if I can get A&E that would be bonus. Perhaps they will have the return cards as a permanent thing by then.....

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Yes that's definitely possible. And with the rumors that they might be adding A&E back to Norway it might make a significant impact in lowering the wait times.

We've had luck getting TSMM and Soarin' on the day before. (Just for grins and giggles, I checked and both TSMM and Soarin' are available for tomorrow -- A&E and 7DMT are not.)

Stayed up till midnight to make my 1st day to FP+ last night. At 12:15, no 7DMT was available. I wasn't too upset, but checked one more time at 12:45. Went to bed a happy girl with FP+ for 3 mountains!!! Splash, thunder & 7D. So offsite guests DO still get to ride smile

That is great news! I have been stressing about it because 7D is the one I really want!!

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