FPP for meeting Characters

Tell me how FPP work for meeting characters? Does everyone in the fam need a FPP? Are character meets worth using FPP?
I’m thinking if we rider swap EE and get FPP for my DH, DS12 & DS9, then we could use mine and DD5’s FPP to meet MIckey but I want the boys to be there as well.

  1. Everyone in the party needs a FPP
  2. Some characters are worth it if meeting them is important and they are a long wait
  3. You can’t get everyone in without everyone having the FPP

Thank you!

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To hijack this thread, talking of FPs for meeting characters.

It seems the Character Spot in Epcot has been changed to a tier 1 now. A few reports of people who already have that plus FEA/TT/Soarin being unable to modify either one because they have two tier 1 FPs.

It seems like the FPs will be left alone if you don’t modify them, but if this applies to you, then just keep a watch on them. You should get an email if they cancel one of them.

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I saw that illuminations has been changed to tier 1, but if the characters have also that is 5 things in tier one - it doesn’t leave much left for tier 2

That’s interesting. No word about it.

What have they got up their sleeves now???

In some ways this doesn’t surprise me. We had th Character spot as one of our FPs (tier 2) and I could not, after 10 minutes of trying, try to push the FP earlier after using the one right before it. There was nothing left, not even when I split up my party. When we got to use our FP, I think we waited almost as long as the standby line. It said 20 minutes for standby and I believe we waited at least 15-20 in the FP line.

Yeah, I didn’t FP Character Spot for our last trip, figuring we could add it as a 4th FP because it would have availability. They were all gone well before we left for our trip. It doesn’t surprise me, but still stinks.

I was able to book Spaceship Earth, Character Spot and FEA when I booked on 5/29/18. If this is a new thing, it is VERY new.

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Just reported today, when people tried to existing modify FPs.

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Liners: at the cutting edge of everything Disney. Usually even before CMs


@Lentesta, are your team aware of this change in tiering at Epcot?

Seems June 10th is the last day of the Character Spot being tier 2.

Hope this doesn’t affect our FPP’s when we go on the 18th…we currently have FEA and Character Spot both on that day.

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Really??? That is redonkolous. There is not much to do at Epcot for teir 2 and most of teir 2 is usually a walk on.

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Oooof, that’s not good. Not much for us to do at Epcot with 4 littles as it is. That would certainly be a bummer to not have the character FPP there.