FPP for Hollywood Studios

Tomorrow is FPP day! I think I have ironed out all of my choices for the other parks. Looking for advice on HS. I didn’t realize they are tiered as well.

Our priorities are:

We will get there at Rope Drop. We have 4:30 pm reservations at Mama Melrose for dinner.
Any thoughts on best plan of action?

Did you get the Fantasmic dinning package at Mama Melrose? That would give you a Fastpass for Fantasmic.
If you are there for Rope drop, get right up to the rope. Then hit TSM. GMR. ST. Use FPP for RnRC and then TOT. That will leave you with one Tier 2 FPP to use.

I did not get the Fantasmic dinner. I did not know about it. I just called and they are booked. Maybe I will try the reservation finder. Are there still fireworks at HS as well? We would love to do both Fantasmic and Fireworks.

The reservation finder isn’t available for dinner packages. I was able to book a Fantasmic package at Mama Melrose less than a week before our visit at a decent time. Just keep clicking, clicking, clicking.

Got it.

I would get a fast pass for TSM and Star Tours. Ride RNRC at rope drop, then go straight to the Great Movie Ride, no FP needed. For your third FP either TOT or Frozen Sing-Along. Try to get all three done early and then look for a Fantasmic FP.

When we were there last week we didn’t have a FP for TOT but then my daughter suddenly decided she wanted to try it. It was about a 35 minute wait in the peak afternoon crowd, not too bad, crowd levels were 7/10. Waits for TSM and Star Tours were a lot worse at that time of day. I’m not sure if the FP for Frozen was needed, we got in first but there was plenty of room for everyone.

Last month I rope dropped TSMM (with three tracks it is a short wait). We then immediately went to the GMR with a 10 minute wait. We Got FPs for RnR, ToT and ST (I always do), and we did Frozen sing along- we never spent more than 14 minutes in any line.