FPP for group of 8

We are going to WDW end of April, any suggestions on tricks or strategies for FPP with a large group, we are staying on property and FPP date is end of Feb., thanks

Following this. We are a group of 7 plus 2 two-year-olds going at the end of April. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’ve heard mention on here that the Dibb will let you know FP+ availability before your booking window so you know how to prepare. If I have difficulty getting what I want, I plan on splitting the party into a group of 4 and a group of 3, booking the same rides at whatever times are available, then consistently trying to move times to overlapping periods (ie. 1 group 9-10 FP+, 1 group 9:30-10:30 FP+).

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Thanks for that, just what is Dibb ?

We had a group of 8 last February - 7 with tickets + a 2 year old. No problems whatsoever booking everyone at the same time on our FP day.

I just made my FP+ for my upcoming trip in March with 8 people. We got all the FP+ we wanted at the times we were shooting for. That said, going into it I had a strategy.

I didn’t try for 7DMT at all - we are hoping our PPO breakfast at Be Our Guest gets us a good shot at that ride. Also, our AK and DHS days that we were shooting for FoP and SDD were at 60+5 and 60+6. We got both those attractions around noon/1 p.m., which is what we were shooting for. There wasn’t much availability for those two rides earlier in the morning for a group of 8.

As long as you prioritize the order you try to book your FP+ (7DMT, SDD and FoP first) you should be in pretty good shape assuming you are staying on property and taking advantage of the 60 booking window and logged in and ready to go when the booking window opens.

If you have someone that can help you and if you have multiple devices, you can be logged into your account on both devices at the same time. Then, each of you can be booking FP+ at the same time.

We are a group of 17 and we had absolutely zero problems. We are staying at a Disney Hotel and did our reservations right when they opened on our day.We got everything we wanted, and we didn’t split our group up except for the rides that the younger kids can’t ride.The only thing I can’t speak on is FOP because we didn’t want to ride that one, and didn’t try to get FP+ for it. We got Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Slinky Dog Dash (during President’s Day Weekend), Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror, Frozen Ever After,ect.

The only time this ever got a little sketchy for my party of seven was when we were trying to modify our FOP fast pass at a drop - DH and I were both searching at the same time, but we had to book us in three separate overlapping groups. It absolutely tested my nerves to move 5 people’s FPP up 3 hours and cross my fingers I’d still find 2 more on the next pass through.

Dibb is a website: https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/fastpass_plus_availability.php . Looks like we will have to create a login, but the idea is that you can see what FP+ are available before you get to your FP+ booking time.

Forgive me, I’m a novice here. I just realized that Touring Plans also has the listing of available FP+, which you can watch as you approach your FP+ window. When on your dashboard, search “Fastpass availability”. Then you will have an idea what will be available and at what time for when your FP+ window opens. I’m doing some research now to understand what the trends are.

One difference to note is that the TP tool only looks at a SINGLE FP availability. The Dibb uses availability for 4…and while still not 7 or more, it is probably slightly more useful as a result.

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I have booked a couple of times with groups of 10 and 12. On advance FP day I haven’t had any issues, and these were offsite stays too.

Once in the actual park and trying to get 4th FP, breaking into smaller groups was really helpful because I could look for overlapping times instead of having to find 12 all at the exact same time. That I kind of played by ear. Tried 6 and grabbed something and then tried adding the next 6 to an overlapping time, or if wasn’t having luck with refresh tried breaking into smaller groups and trying again. I didnt personally break into smaller groups for SDFP drops however.

Great tips in this thread. I’m going in mid March, staying off site. I’m realizing the big value I’m missing this time is the ability to book fast passes 60 days out. Other than that, I haven’t felt any pain from staying off site vs. on

I did FP+ for 7 people 30 days out. While we didn’t get 7DMT, FOP or SDD, I was fine with what we did get. I also was still able to play the FP+ game (change, change, change) to get us FP+ for most things we wanted to ride for the 4th pass onwards. We just RD’ed SDD & FoP. Its definitely easier with less people, but still doable. I have never stayed on-site, and I have on many occasions still managed to get FP+ for SDD, 7DMT & FoP. (Using change…just didn’t work with 7, it has for 2 & 4 people)