FPP for group of 12, possible? suggestions?

Traveling with a group of 12, most fast passes will be the same for all ( when possible) any suggestions for getting this to work? We are staying on property. Trip is early August.

I was at WDW last June with a group of twelve. I think we booked 12 people together. I can remember exactly how we did it. And I can’t see the FPP reservation pages because we aren’t going back till October. I do remember making some FPPs for 7 people and another member in my party making FPPs at the same time for 5 people, then linking them and they synced up.

Yes totally possible we have 13 people. First make sure everybody in your group is linked together in the My Disney Experience, it took us a while to do this correctly and we had to call Disney to in the end to get it together correctly.
Then you or somebody in your group is configured as the master planner. Disney has some certain term for it, but basically it means that you can assign and delete FPPs for everyone in your group. (Usually people can only delete FPPs for themselves and their children…unless you are the master planner.)
Once you or somebody is the master planner the master planner selects their own FPP’s that they want. Once the master planner has the FPP then they go back out to the FPP page where it has the blue New FastPass, Update FastPass, Cancel FastPass buttons. Just below the buttons the the link “Add Friends and Family to existing FastPass+” click on that.
Then the master planner selects themselves as the person who you want to copy the FPPs from, hits next, then selects ALL for the rest of the people they want to copy the FPPs to. Hit Next. It should work and give your entire party the FPPs. Sometimes it will give you a completely different time for an attraction for all of you. Sometimes it will split your group a bit and give you overlapping FPPs for an attraction. This happened for my Anna & Elsa FPPs, some of us are seeing them at 5:10-6:10 while others are seeing them at 5:20-6:20. Finally there may be a FPP that just can’t be given to everyone and that is when it makes suggestions. This is what I am dealing with for Wishes. I have only 1 FPP for Wishes but I am trying to get the rest of my party a FPP for Wishes.

Like I said it is totally doable. I did it for my our entire group for a 5 day stay over Easter and even got Anna and Elsa passes. I was so focused on Anna and Elsa FPPs that I didn’t really look at Wishes. Honestly I wasn’t even going to get Wishes but our group has 4 under the age of 4 yrs old, I’m worried about good viewing spots given the construction and I know soem of the adults in my party are going to be unnerved about jockeying for position.