FPP for Adventure's Outpost in AK?

Opinions wanted as I’m trying to work on my TP…FPP for Adventure’s Outpost in AK?? Or would you make that your first stop in the morning (I’ll be with my son who enjoys Characters) and use FPP on Kali Rapids instead?

When is your trip? Are you planning to stay the whole day at AK? We found that KRR was an easy walk on right before closing. We were able to do multiple rides because there was no line. We always do it last because we get soaked!!

We’re going last week in September…I think we are planning to spend the better part of the day. You have a great point about being wet. I guess I was wondering if M&G for Adventure Outpost needed a FPP?

I’m sorry, I’m not sure about Adventurers Outpost. I have a DD19, so we tend to do characters on the spur of the moment when a line is short. I guess it depends on what other rides are a priority for you: EE, KS, Dinosaur? It’s hard to only choose three FPPs, isn’t it?!