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Hi friends! We visited at the end of 2017 and missed of FP for FOP because my kid got norovirus. We’re going again in Sept and would ideally like to ride at the beginning of our trip. What’s it going to be like trying to fastpasses early in the trip?

Hi! Welcome back! I like to use this tool:

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Right now, it’s the second toughest FP after SDD. It’s only one data point, but on my last trip, the earliest that was available was evening on 60+2. I was able to get late morning on 60+4.

I got afternoon (3 or 4PM, I think) on day 60+2 of my trip in Sep 2018. I didn’t check any other days, because that was the only day we were planning to be there. SDD was available late on 60+1 (like 8PM I think), but we just ropedropped it and got FPP later in our trip.

Obviously things could be different this September with SW:GE opening.

Currently based on the dynamic touring plans fasstpass availability page you can get a fast pass at 33 days outs.


Granted its an evening fastpass and it may not be possible to get for a large parties, but it looks like attendance and this demand is low this summer.

And on the other hand, the link shows no Morning FOP FP availability until 60+8 (which is less morning availability than I have seen in a while).

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We got a 4:30 FPP at 60+3 for our trip coming up next month and that was the earliest we could get.

Kind of surprised me because back in 2017, 2 months after it opened, we had no problem getting morning FPP for it pretty much any day we wanted.

At 60+3 2.50 was the earliest - it was the second one I tried for because I’m doing HS on 60+2 (couldn’t get SDD at all and earliest TOT was 5.20, in case you’re interested). This is for the first week of August.

Welcome back, @atinsley22. Everything everyone is saying here is absolutely true… BUT there is one point of good news and its that in recent months many many have reported (including us on our last trip) successfully getting FP+ for FoP “day of” at one of the timed drops throughout the day.

That being said, there is no guarantee that the same day drops will continue through September, but it is definitely something to make yourself aware of and to try to shoot for when you’re there.