FPP FoP and Rider Swap Question

So here’s the situation.
TP has us arriving at FoP at 1:49 for our FPP window of 1-2. We have 4 FPP and 2 kids to little to ride. My wife an I will need to rider swap (I will go with 2 kids, then her). From what I’ve read FoP takes about 25 minutes to get in and out of. This puts my wife’s FPP time right on the edge, however my kids rider swaps are still good.

Will the CM override her FPP with the RS so that her FPP doesn’t get timed out?


I would just ask the CM when you scan in for your first FP ride. I’d imagine they will be understanding and utilize the FP if possible.

Are you planning on riding a third time? Or just the two times with the older kids? If it’s just twice through you could have either your wife or yourself get a FP for Na’Vi (allowing your wife or yourself to ride FOP with the RS and NRJ with a FP) and it would help fill the time waiting for the littles. My two younger kids (4 and 2) both love that ride. When we’ve done RS and FOP it has always taken us about an hour before both groups are done riding.

We’re only looking to go twice. We wouldn’t be able to do the FPP for Na’vi as my daughters tier A is being used else ware (as a 3rd B).

The rider switch pass will be added to the accounts for whoever will ride in the second group. That’s what the CM will always ask when you tell them you want to do rider switch. The rider switch pass will have a return time based on what time it is and the expected wait time for the first group. So if you get there at 1:49pm and the time to ride with FPP is 25 minutes, the rider switch return time will be around 2:15pm.

I see. Is your daughter’s third FP one only she is using? Or does another adult in your party have a FP for that ride as well?

Do you have a 3rd non-riding child? I’m not sure I’m understanding why your wife couldn’t get a FP+ for Navi.

In my experience, the Rider Switch return window is wide… I had even assumed it would work the rest of the day.

Also, last week the non-riding parent took the young kids over to Na’vi and politely explained that our young son had a FP for FoP that he couldn’t use and asked if we could go through the FP line for NRJ. They allowed us to do this two different times that day.

Basically because we picked up an extra FP at the same day drop, the adults got to ride FoP twice, the older kids (due to rider switch) got to ride it 4 times, while the younger kids got to ride NRJ twice (once with each adult). It was win all around.

Let us know how it goes, @ndwatso!