Hey everyone! I have been lurking here for a few months trying to learn all I can for our upcoming trip! My husband and I have only been to Disney once before in 2013 before our son was born and before FPPs were a huge thing. Our FPP day is this Tuesday so I was hoping to run my basic plan and ideas for FPPs by you all and get feedback! So basics of our trip- it will be me, my husband, and our 5 year old son who likes most rides and is super into cars and basically all transportation (you may notice this is a theme in some of our plans haha). We will also be meeting our friend couple and their 16 year old daughter there and doing some of our park days with them. Our trip is from 12/5-12/15 with the first 2 nights being spent at a hotel near Universal Studios.

12/5- Travel day

12/6- Universal Studios day

12/7- Travel day, check in to Pop, explore hotel and maybe visit Disney Springs

12/8- MK day (CL 1, 60+1) try for 7DMT, PP, and JC. Our backup is HM if we cant get 7DMT. We will also be attending MVMCP this day so we could do 7DMT during the party or try for a FPP when we return to MK later in the week. We have a lunch reservation at BoG this day.

12/9- AK day (CL 7, 60+2) try for 4 FPP for NRJ and 2 for FoP, then KS and EE. If we cant get FoP I would try to get 6 for NRJ.

12/10-EP day (CL 7, 60+3) try for FEA, SE, and LWTL. My son is most excited for TT though so we are hoping to RD that with him because our friend’s don’t want to ride it.

12/11- Rest day, we have a brunch reservation at Chef Mickey’s and then plan to ride the monorail around and check out some of the holiday decor at the hotels. Swim if time and weather permit. Maybe do Disney Springs in the evening.

12/12- HS day (CL 5, 60+5) try for SDD, ST, and Indiana Jones. Our friends aren’t doing ST so I am going to get Fantasmic FPP for them. If we cant get SDD we will try to get TSM. We have a dinner reservation at the Sci-Fi Dine in.

These last 2 days will be just our family of 3

12/13- MK day (CL1, 60+6) try for 7DMT, BTMRR, and SM.

12/14- HS day (CL8, 60+7) try for SDD or TSM (whichever one we didnt get the first day), then Frozen Sing Along and Muppets.

12/15 travel day

Also, which is the best order to try to get them in? Thanks for reading and for any advice you can offer!

Have you looked at this tool?

I am going to be at Universal on the 6th and the party on the 8th! It does not look 7DMT will be available before the party. I would start booking the 9th.

Great minds must think alike! I will definitely check this website out, thanks! Bummer about 7DMT though since our friends wont be going back with us to MK on the 13th.

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I figure I will do it late night during the party. My trip is only a weekend trip with only one night at wdw for the party.

Looks good! With the order, consider personal priority and hardest to get. Ideally you are going for your hardest to get passes first - so get your headliners booked and then circle back to the others. The web link that you now have is a good tool to see what is going to be in highest demand.

One note about TT at EP. Keep an eye to make sure it is up and running. It is notorious for going down in the morning - so just be aware so that you don’t rush over to find out it is closed.

Looks great! If you have any flexibility to your days, you may consider switching your AK day and HS day. Might be tough to get FoP at 60+2, but on the other hand could also be difficult to get SDD at 60+2 if you switched days. Just depends on what your highest priority is. I would think you would definitely get SDD for 12/14. For my upcoming trip, my HS day is 60+4 and I couldn’t get SDD any earlier than 2:45PM. I used the TP FPP availability finder the night before to have an idea of what was going to be available the next morning. It was super helpful.

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Actually, have you considered flipping your AK and EP day?

Funny you should ask that, because originally we did have them flipped but randomly AK is closing at 6 pm that day. We ended up flipping our AK and EPdays instead of AK and HS because we have reservations for Oga’s and Sci Fi. My son LOVES cars so we didn’t want to lose that reservation.

Just a quick update on our FPP day! I was logged in to my laptop and MDE app ready to go at 6 am today. No technical issues at all with the website and I was able to get every FPP we had wanted, including 7DMT at 60+1 and FoP for 60+2. Some of my times aren’t the greatest though, so I will try to modify those if possible. It was so helpful to be prepared and logged in early, as I saw the 7DMT was unavailable for our date by 6:18 am. Thanks to everyone that helped me out with suggestions and advice, you guys rock!


Are you saying that 7DMT for Sunday the 8th were gone? I am trying to figure out if the Dibbs is wrong. Thanks

It said something like there are no more fastpass times available for this attraction. Standby may be available. I dont know if that was for our group size of 6 or no more left at all.

Thanks! After I saw your post the Dibbs was showing availability but about an hour later it corrected that info. It is good to know it is not possible.

Have you considered adding an extra day to your tickets and stopping by Mk just to use 3 FP+ on your “rest” day? It’s very easy to walk to/from MK before orr after Chef Mickey’s. And adding 1 more day to a 6 day ticket is relatively inexpensive. In about 1.5 hours you could do 3 FP’s and leave. It may make your MK touring days more relaxing.