FPP day tomorrow - what are the chances?

I have been working on our TP for months, and I am still frustrated of all things by the tiers at Epcot. Any chance of getting a day of FP for Test Track after our other FP are used? Supposedly it is predicted to be a CL1 (no joke!) at Epcot in the middle of July that day. It was either TT or Soarin’, and Soarin’ is one of our absolute favorites…The day we would like to do TT we are actually using our FP for AK earlier in the day, and, well, FOP you know…:slight_smile:

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Depends how many in your group, what time you finish your other FPP, how willing you are to stare at your phone and refresh until you see it show up.

I believe Soarin is much easier to get same day, but TT does have single rider. Would that be an option for your group? Or maybe RD TT?

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I’ve gotten same day test track lots of times. There’s a tone every day they drop extra.

TT always seems to run long lines, so even if Soarin’ was my #1 choice, I’d start looking for TT FP once I tapped in to my last FP at AK. Also, as @Cgerres mentioned, single rider is an option at TT.

Later in the evening, Soarin’ seems to have pretty short lines so even if you don’t eventually find a FP for it, your wait probably won’t be too long on a CL 1 day.

One more factor is that Illuminations is retiring sometime at the end of the summer. Perhaps folks will be pulled away by that to get one last look at it, so lines at that time might be low.

It’s a bit unsettling to not be able to plan for it in the TP, but I think your chances of being able to ride both rides are pretty good! Definitely get those FP at AK, and the EPCOT rides will most likely work out just fine. Even if you have FP there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to ride due to weather, breakdowns, etc. so there’s always a lack of predictability no matter what.

Well, we got all the rides we wanted at nearly the exact times we wanted except for FOP. At 60+4 I was able to book FOP FPP for later in the afternoon but not at midday…at 60+6 there was availability all day yet…

Same (evening) day TT is often quite possible. But last time just didn’t feel like refreshing so we opted for single rider and still got to ride together, but we were 2 adults…that may not be an option for you