FPP day is tomorrow!

I got the reminder email from TP this morning telling me that if I haven’t made touring plans yet, this is a great time to do so. :rofl: Nevermind that it’s been on my calendar since October and I’ve been making dozens of plans since December, but I do appreciate that email!

I printed off my prioritized list to help keep me straight bright and early Easter morning :grin:


It’s more than you’ll get from WDW! Lots of people actually don’t make plans until after they’ve made their FPs, although I don’t get that at all personally.

Oh, I hear you! I love getting notifications from them…best discovery ever! Intense planning for sure, but at least I kind of know what I’m doing. I do have a friend that used to be a CM and she helped me out a lot in the very beginning, but since I have this site, I don’t have to pester her with endless questions. We aren’t that close, so I didn’t want to become annoying…instead I annoy complete strangers :rofl:

I cannot even begin to imagine heading to WDW with few to no plans :open_mouth: I even have an alternate plan in case I don’t get a SDD FP (which I probably won’t). 29 personalized plans might be overkill, but I just really really want to enjoy my time there and not be bummed that I couldn’t do something because of lack of planning.


Planning is good!

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this is so me. 1 have about 20 plans…a, b, c all based on if and when I get SDD and FOP

so how did you fare on getting what you wanted?

I got everything when I wanted except SDD, but I could only get it for morning. They had lots of times available so if you’re flexible I think you’ll be fine!

I wish - going after SWGE opening. Glad you got most of what you wanted!

I have to say that I was so glad I made all those plans! I’m pretty well set with everything… even HS. I’m anxious about it, but it is what it is. And there is always same day drops!