FPP Day is Tomorrow - What do you think?

Booking FPP tomorrow. Last 2-3 days (AK & HS) for 4 people (DS4, DS6, hubby and me) others (MK, EP) for 6 people (same four plus grandparents). Grandparents don’t really care if they ride so we may see about FPP for part of the group to make it easier to find good times. No Hopper. Another trip likely in 12-18 months.

Notable rides missing (we will not ride): EE (too short); Dinosaur (too dark/scary); Splash (down for refurb); Kali (likely refurb); Space (too short/doesn’t like dark coasters). Don’t plan to use for meet & greets, except for possibly at Epcot since Tier 2 doesn’t have much that requires a FPP or that they want to do.

Thanks to TP I know not to book them in chronological order (thanks liners!). My plan is to book them in this order:

  1. SDD 60+3 (A must!)
  2. 7DMT 60+1 (Ideal. We have EMM scheduled later in the trip that we may keep if we can’t get FPP for 7DMT, but if we can get 7DMT and most Fantasyland I may cancel it and use it as a rest morning).
  3. FOP 60+2 (This would be nice, but not a must as I’m not sure our oldest will enjoy it.)
  4. TT 60 (A must. It is only open this day as it goes down for refurb on our 2nd day. I might move it up if you think I’ll have trouble getting this at a decent time).
  5. Peter Pan 60+1
  6. Big Thunder 60+1
  7. Kilimanjaro 60+2
  8. Na’vi (for 4 not riding FOP/all 6 if I can’t get FOP).

The rest I’m not anticipating any issues since they are mostly Tier 2 shows etc.

Any suggestions?

Here’s the order I’d put them in based on your criteria and possible availability.

1, 4, 3, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8

Have you checked TP FastPass availability finder or The Dibb to see what FPP / times are available?


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I would swap FOP for 2nd and 7D for 3rd especially since you have other options for 7D and FOP is still a challenge to get under 60+4

Otherwise I think that’s a solid plan of attack


Thanks. That is helpful information!

7DMT and SDD look good for afternoons on the days I have planned. Looking unlikely for FOP since it is available for all days prior to our day so I may not even waste time trying to get it and focus on securing SDD and 7DMT for the earliest I can get them. Test Track has mornings on our day and plenty of availability in the days before so that one should be good.

Decent results. Got SDD and 7DMT (for both MK days). Got them all but FOP, which I didn’t even try for once I saw how hard it was to find SDD on our last day. SDD is later than I wanted so I’ll need to change up the touring plan and move a dining reservation (which took me weeks with res finder to find) but I’m sure res finder will find something that works again.


FoP is at 60+2? So the 14th of January? If so, it seems there’s still availability in the evening: https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=10123554&postcount=1
Maybe try to check if interested?