FPP Day for June?

Hi all - I have seen rumors that Disney is not allowing new FPP reservations for May. I have a stay that straddles May and June and my FP day is tomorrow. Can anyone confirm whether I will be able to book FPP for the June (or even May) days in my stay, even though my stay begins in May?

You can book for the whole of your stay at 60 days out. So yes, you will be able to get them for June even if May doesn’t have any loaded.

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In case anyone is wondering, I had my FPP day this morning, and I was able to book for both my May and June dates within my stay (there was hardly anything left for May 29th though).

Also, I was able to get almost everything I wanted! Some days have better timing than others, but I got all the hot ticket attractions - SDD, MMRR (separate days), FoP, 7DMT, etc. Success! Now let’s hope I get to use them …