FPP Day- create your party

Tomorrow is our FPP day and I’m feeling anxious! The first FPP I’m trying to get is for HS where my husband and I will be (hopefully) riding different rides at the same time. This will be my first FPP selection I’m trying to get; do I still add my husband, DS2, and I to the same “party” or since I’m getting different FPP do I create a “party” of my husband, get him Smugglers Run and then create a party for DS and I and get SDD? Maybe I’m overthinking all of this, but I know seconds can matter on these reservation mornings!!

If you’re getting different rides, then you need to just create a party from the people riding each one. You can’t create a party of all 3 of you and get different rides.

It is confusing. They use “party” to mean the group who will be on the ride you are booking. Not the group you are with at the park. You have to go through the process of choosing the party for each FP (up to 3 in advance).

So for each FPP I create a new “party?” Okay…haha feels like they could’ve made that a bit simpler…but maybe once I do it, it’ll be easier than it seems. Thanks!


When you’re adding a new FPP, it lets you add people from your friends/family list to get the same FPP for. That’s your “party” – I don’t believe there’s really a way to save this group and/or name it, you’re just selecting your group each time you add a FPP.

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Yes, and it is super simple.


There is a button to select all that you will use most of the time since you will book most of your FPPs for your whole group. Otherwise you just click on which members you are scheduling for. I usually get a FPP for ToT for my DH and one for RnRC for me in the same block of time. He uses both FPP since I can’t do those rides. :slight_smile:

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Your 2 year old won’t have a ticket so you won’t be able to get a FP for them. They are able to ride any ride that they meet the height requirement though


I was wondering about that, loading a different FP for a different “party member” and then just switching at the ride entrance. So that works? Always or is it up to Cast Members?

All the CM is looking for is a green Mickey when you tap in for the FP. We just switch MB and my husband rides twice.

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