FPP day completed! + KS timing question

FPPs are done! Got up at a little before 4am and was back in bed by 4:15am. Got most of what I wanted near the times that I wanted. I ended up having to switch my FOP days, since they were gone for 60+3, but that’s fine.

My one problem child ended up being Kilimanjaro Sarfaris, which had nothing available in the morning. The plan was:

  • 8am: PPO Tusker House
  • 9am (ish): KS, whenever done with breakfast
  • 10:30am: get in line for 1st FotLK show.

Am I correct in thinking now that I may not even need the FPP for KS? The PPO ressie will put us in pretty good positioning for KS, particularly if we don’t take the full hour. I’m going to try to modify it over the next few weeks, but I’m thinking I may not actually need it.

If you plan on getting out of Tusker before 9am you should have no problem. From what I can remember from my last PPO Tusker they will keep the RD crowd at the bridge leading into Africa, which you will already be in. I usually went to FOP from there but I am sure there wont be many waiting for KS

I would keep it.

Firstly safari ride opening is totally dependent on the animals.

Secondly many people who have an FP for FoP or Navii actually head for the Safari first.

Thirdly it may take a while for all the characters to get round to you at TH. and the characters are what you’re paying for.

For all those reasons, there could be a sizeable queue by the time you get there. So you might be glad for that FP.

And if you can ride without needing an FP then you could always modify it to something else.

Did you go to FOP with FPP, or just to ride SB? Everyone says there is no advantage to go from TH to FOP.

There is not. I don’t generally do PPO Tusker any longer for that reason. The last 2 times I did it was just DW and I and we rushed thru breakfast and were out before 8:30. Both times we got to the park just after 7 and were first and close to first on line at the tapstiles. Both times i was first at the Tusker podium. It is just not worth it. I would prefer to enjoy the breakfast and see the characters. Even after rushing we had to join the masses waiting at the Pandora bridge. If you wait just a little to long the masses are already in.

Okay. We have FPP for later and I was planning to do other things after I just wanted to be sure. Thanks.