FPP day approaches

Recap: trip April 7-11, with DD7 and DH. DH’s birthday is 4/8.

Parks: 4/7 - AK
4/10 and 4/11 - MK
(Universal the other 2 days)
If 4/8 feels like enough Universal or my DD isn’t into it, I have a reservation at EPCOT for lunch, and I will buy another day’s ticket.

We have never ridden FOP and know I won’t get FPP for it as it is at the beginning of my trip. DD and DH won’t ride Everest (can you rider swap a 6 foot 4, 34 year old man? Kidding.) My DD7 loves rides but she also loves the Dino Dig playground thing. I love FotLK but have seen it 5 times. I’ve never seen Nemo, but is it worth it?

Long story longer, what should I FPP besides the safari? And what time should I FP the safari? I have a TH res at 6:40, we have never eaten there. We can’t do rope drop because it’s fly in day. Help me!

Do safari at 5pm


Might as well try for FOP, you never know! How about grabbing a Navi? Does your family ride Dino? If they have never done it now may be tr he time to try? My DD8 loves it. If not then KRR is the next option. I don’t think the FPP are worth it for the shows.

While your DD is at the Dino Dig, you MUST go SR EE. It is a requirement.

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